TKA Developments

Build. Invest.
Innovate. Succeed.

Competent Developer

TKA Developments is a competent and dynamic development company. Thanks to our experience and optimal networking of specific expertise.

Real Estate Markets

To determine the best local real estate markets, our analysts compare 47 countries and 1300 cities of varying sizes across 23 key indicators of housing-market attractiveness and economic strength.

Strategic Locations

The locations of our projects is determined by an assembly of real estate experts with extensive experience in international real estate investment and local property development.

“We enhance the quality and sustainability of real estate through our deep experience and expert project management.”


TKA Developments is one of the most dynamic development companies in Europe. TKA Developments has extensive experience in the creation of condominium, rental, retail and mixed-use properties.
Our culture is one of creativity combined with financial discipline. Our product is detailed to perfection and on the forefront of high end luxury design.


We have been involved in a wide range of real estate developments, ranging from multi-unit residential communities, over impressive corporate offices, to exclusive high end residential estates, all supremely designed with trademark workmanship and indisputable value.
The company’s management team has decades of international construction experience, and it supervises every aspect of the development process – from acquisition of land all the way through design, construction and finishing works.


Real estate investing offers great potential to earn considerable returns. It can become a very important source of cash flow in your investment portfolio when managed wisely.
As with any investment, real estate investments require you to understand and assess the risks and potential profits before beginning. Depending on which way you choose invest in real estate, you’ll need variable amounts of time, capital, knowledge, insight and patience.